Appeal to construct a borehole in Arua city, Uganda

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Appeal to construct a borehole in Arua city, Uganda

Appeal to construct a borehole in Arua city, Uganda

16102.79 RM Collected Of 30000.00 Goal


We aim to raise funds of 180,000
The campaign will be divided into 6 stages
each stage will need RM30,000
Media Report will be provided after we conclude each stage from this campaign


Arua city is newly commissioned in 2020. It includes Muslim District which encompasses the local government Districts of maracha, Terego, Madi Okollo, Arua City. The population in this city are facing the challenge of safe drinking water for domestic use. The project intends to address the community challenges of scarcity or lack of safe water for domestic use in most parts of West Nile region including Arua Districts, Nebbi, Zombo Yumbe, Pakwachi and other districts not mentioned here. 



Arua District is a district in the Northern Region of Uganda. Like many other Ugandan districts, it shares its name with its administrative center of Arua.

The name Arua is said to be derived from the Lugbara name for prison (Arujo) and prisoner (Aru), since the white settlers (Belgians and later British) had a detention center at Arua Hill. Arua city is surrounded with the neighboring districts of Nebbi and Zombo, Pakach, Yumbe and Koboko originates from Arua.



The project shall cover all the other districts of Maracha, Terego, Madi Okollo, Arua District (Vura) and Arua City. The same project shall be extended to the neighboring districts of Zombo, Nebbi, Pakwach and Koboko.



The period for the construction of each borehole shall take at least one week (7– 8 days) depending on the area or where there are no heavy rocks on the ground for the sited area of the borehole construction.

For the construction of 50 boreholes, it will take one month and two weeks Inshaa Allah. 



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