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Emergency response during disasters

Emergency response during disasters

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Be helpful to them

Securing heating materials for families who are unable to secure their needs of heating materials and some of the necessities of life, families who were drowned during the frost and snow wave, to ease the suffering of our people in tents.

Since the beginning of the waves of displacement that our people have experienced in the north of Syria, dozens of our displaced brothers have lost their lives due to the cold and the loss of heating materials. According to the statistics of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, 170 people died due to the cold since 2011, including 77 children, and last year's temperatures in Syria were recorded at about 9 degrees  Below zero in the camps of northern Syria, and to deteriorate and put an end to this tragedies and hard suffering, Plus of Life Charitable Society began launching an emergency response campaign during disasters a year and a half ago to protect our people in northern Syria from dying of cold and to do everything they can to deliver warmth to them and to their tents that are not suitable for anything. To bring warmth and peace to their hearts.

By the grace of God and the grace of good people and people with white paws, we were able to deliver warmth to a number of Syrian families in the past period by securing firewood and complete furniture for the tent, as attached to the video above


Financial budget:

Number of beneficiaries 100 beneficiaries (family).

The cost of the insulation for the damaged tent with firewood is 460 TL per family.

The total number is 100 x 460 = 46000 Turkish liras.


There is not a small amount. Every amount you pay today is a way for the survival of many Syrian families who do not have anything under the severe cold weather in the northern Syrian camps.

Allah says:

(And whoever saves a life, it is as if he saved all mankind)

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