Family from Gambia needs help to feed their children

Family from Gambia needs help to feed their children

25 days

Noha Toray from Gambia (West African smiling coast).

He lives with his grandmother, mother, and two younger siblings. This family struggled and has had a rough life since the father died, and the eldest son (Noha) is responsible for the family. Noha used to work as a daily wage worker to assist and support his family and feed his siblings. Unfortunately, he recently lost his job and drop out of school. As a result, their financial condition has worsened, now they can hardly find anything to eat

Due to her age and health, the mother is unable to work. His younger siblings, who are only children, are in dire need of some food, clothing, school supplies, and other essentials. They go to school with an empty stomach and without a single meal to eat at home. Noha's stress and duties increased, and he found himself unable to even provide a daily meal for his family.

They urgently need assistance in supplying food as well as a sum of money (RM 6000) to begin a project that would help us produce a monthly income and cover the family necessities of food, clothes, and school expenses for my younger siblings. Please do not hesitate to support them with any amount and to overcome this situation with your help.

Jazakum Lahu khayran 



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