Support Orphaned Children in Africa

Support Orphaned Children in Africa

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New Year's Eve is a big deal. As with many important events in the year, the new year is a time to celebrate and remember. Everyone should come together and show their love for Allah (SWT), show their devotion, and work hard to get closer. This is the best time for this.

As many of us are happy and some are celebrating one more year in our life in Dunya, there are many people that are struggling and going through a lot of things that none would like to go through at all. 


As there are roughly 153 million orphans worldwide. Every day, an estimated 5,700 more children become orphans. Thus, We are raising funds to support 150 orphaned children in 5 centers in Africa, by providing food, clothes, and school stationary tools.

Many of these unfortunate children don't even know what is it like to be excited and happy to be gifted, especially after becoming an orphan. Now, imagine gifting them your kindness, care, and generous support as a gift for them in their new year, imagine their happiness for the help and support that will surely assist them, yet will motivate them to have a better chance for a better future.


As gifts are usually materialistic items, giving support and help to the need is also considered as a gift for them, but a meaningful one since it will be helping them for a better future.


May Allah (SWT) help all of us to give them enough support and care that we can.


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