Sadaqah Qurbani for Needy Families in Indonesia

Sadaqah Qurbani for Needy Families in Indonesia

5 days
"There is no practice that Allah most loves from Bani Adam during Eid al-Adha other than slaughtering sacrificial animals" (HR. Tirmidhi).

It does not feel like Aidil Adha is approaching. In less than 2 months from now, we will be celebrating the biggest Eid for Muslims.

The day to commemorate the event of Prophet Ibrahim's devotion to Allah SWT, who was willing to sacrifice his son Ishmael as a form of obedience to Allah.

Allah SWT also gives us the opportunity to draw closer to Him by slaughtering sacrificial animals as a symbol of our love and gratitude to Allah SWT.

Here are some benefits of performing the Qurban:

1. Provision on the last day

2. Obtain forgiveness

3. Purify wealth and soul

4. Ease on the last day

Make this Aidil Adha a momentum of self-purification and spread happiness to millions of our brothers and sisters in need. 

Your Qurban will be distributed to all corners of the province in Indonesia, especially to the residents of rural villages who have not been touched by the help of Qurban!

Such as the poor village of Ngalupolo, Ende District, Ende Regency, NTT. This village consists of various ethnicities, with the majority of the population are Muslim. 

Most residents in the village live below the poverty line, as they only work as farmers and ranchers who are barely able to meet their daily needs. So that the alms of the sacrificial meat from you is very meaningful for them.

This is the momentum to strengthen piety and share happiness with those in need.

Don't worry, since 2012, Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) has successfully distributed your Qurbani to our brothers and sisters in all areas of Indonesia and across the countries.

Make sure our needy brothers and sisters celebrate Eid al-Adha with joy! Let’s perform your best Qurban now!

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