Help Rohingya refugee perform daily prayers by building Mosque in their biggest camp

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Rohingya refugee Do not have Mosque in one of the largest refugee camp in the world 

Kutupalong Refugee camp is one of  the largest refugee camp in the world. Many people in this identified place have to suffer a long distance of 5 to 8km in order  to perform their daily prayer at the Mosque, However, only people with good health and ability can do that as it is way difficult for elderly, and those who are sick to walk their way to this far mosque. In addition to that and during harsh weather and because of many spend their whole day in work that consumes much of their time with very basic wage, even those with ability would find it tough to cross 5 to 8 Km twice a day which means that with this difficulty Rohingaa Muslim people especially the new generation would grow up in an environment that does not support  them to learn about Islam religion.

This is where our Rohingya Muslim brothers pray right now,

Therefore, we appeal to you to help us construct these mosques and boreholes to rescue our Rohingya Muslim brothers and sisters.

To overcome this problem motivate everyone to maintain their worship and have the chance to study about Islam and build a strong Islamic community in their camp, some members of Refugee camp came up with the idea of building  a mosque where the gathering of this community is taking place. 
Your sincere donation and your sadaqah for this project is considered as endowment "Waqf", it is a permanent investment in your Hereafter "Akhirah"  for the sake of the almighty Allah . 

(When a person dies, his deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah (continuous charity), beneficial knowledge, and a virtuous descendant who supplicates for him). Recorded by Imam Muslim (1631).

Masjid in Kutupalong Rohingya Refugee Camp, Block C Village, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.


The Mosque will act as a center for religious study, where it will allow all Muslims community to gather and perform their five daily prayers and Friday congregation sermons as well. Men will hold their daily circles to better understand and strengthen faith of their religion. children will be taught the basis of Islam and learn the reciting and memorization of the Holy Quran.  
Water well will serve the entire community surrounding the Masjid by providing clean safe drinking water. And provides water for wudhu (ablution).
Your donation will help to save the Ummah and strengthen Islamic faith in the community.
Description of the project
Masjid in Kutupalong Rohingya Refugee Camp, will serve an estimated number of 700 Muslims (elderly, men and women and children).
The borehole will serve over 1500 community people.

We aim to achieve the following goal :
Organize religious, educational, social, and cultural faith-based events
Promote, strengthen, and implement family values
Assist disadvantaged individuals and families
Promote cooperation and bridges building among all facets of the society
Seek constructive dialogue and mutual understanding
Further better understanding and appreciation of Islam among non-Muslims
Promote brotherhood, mercy, compassion and peace.


Make your donation a permanent investment for your Aakhira or donate in the names of your loved ones' or deceased parents or friends or family members and save on his/her account on Aakhira.  

Jazakh'allah khair for your donations "May Almighty Allah accept your good deeds and reward you abundantly" 

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Rahmah is in a big need of your help

Rahmah is in a big need of your help


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